More than just a psychological thriller, A FROZEN WORLD is a character portrait of an urban landscape known as "Irongates," lost in time somewhere in the distant future. Irongates is not a city, it's a world within a world, an endless maze of buildings that stretches thousands of miles and holds an infinite number of stories.

Each of the four stories that comprise this book plays a critical role in capturing the likeness of this world. They guide the reader from the gritty underworld across the weathered concrete skin of the streets where nobody is safe.

The first story serves as a brief intro, and is about a man who scavenges the streets during the late night hours in order to survive. In the process, he has been desensitized by his surroundings and has unknowingly lost his morality. We follow him on one of these late night excursions where he comes across a grim encounter.

The second story is about an old man, and takes place on the 70th anniversary of his wedding, which is sadly also the 70th anniversary of his wife's brutal murder. Over the span of these 70 years, he has mourned her death every second of every minute. Through an otherworldly encounter, he is finally given closure.

The third story chronicles the life of a woman who is molded into a killer as a result of an abusive upbringing. But unlike other predators, she doesn't prey on the weak—she preys on those who do. When her taste for murder interferes with a crime overlord's business, she is forced to do battle with the most powerful entity in Irongates, an entity whose identity is a mystery that, when uncovered, is a surprise which she could never have imagined.

In the final story, a man reveals his deepest and most hidden secret, a secret that has given him the ability to see Irongates from a unique perspective, a perspective that lies beyond the limited scope of mortality, along the edges of reality, at which, in his eyes, the world appears to be frozen. Each story renders a different feature in a portrait of a cold world. They link into one another in order to capture the essence of their subject, Irongates. The characters are like strokes of paint that bring life to the pavement they travel like worn canvas.